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I Ching - the Book of Changes for the KDE


I in chinese means change and Ching means book. The book of changes was born in the ancient China more than 3000 years ago, as a binary oracle (yang/yin represented as a line/divided line, randomly obtained). Thereafter the tradition began to evolved from the yes/no original duality. First, as a combination of two lines, then three (called trigrams) and finally six lines (called hexagrams). The 64 different hexagrams were the inspiration of poets, musicians, painters and the wisest: king Wen, Lao Tse and Kung Tse. Thanks to their poetry, art, thoughts and magic, the I Ching became a wise sacred book, one of the most luminous gem in the treasure of the universal literature.

The I Ching is a free (as in freedom!) application developed for the KDE Desktop Environment and for the Sharp Zaurus PDA written with the Qtopia toolkit. It is provided without any warranty (although, you can always try to contact me).


The application supports hexagram generation in each of the following ways:

Latest available version: 0.2