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I Ching - the Book of Changes for the KDE

Contribute to the I Ching's development

Some ideas for those items no completely developed are:

  1. Richard Wilhelm's hexagram interpretation: I'm afraid without it, the I Ching will silently remained impenetrable (even for those of us with little knowledge of it). The rather simplistic approach of uploading some translated versions of Wilhelm's I Ching (mine is in spanish and is just wonderful) imposes a mayor constrain: the copy rights. It would be best to try to contact directly Richard and ask him to join our freedom surge (which from the software initial hit is now overtaking other fields), however he is no longer with us. The other way would be to state a newly, dynamic, and bio-ilogical, re-interpretation of the I Ching via Internet free and random exchange of users thoughts.
  2. Internet free and random exchange of users thoughts: Our bleeding cutting edge. The one king Wen and Kung Tse definitely would have more esteemed.
  3. Music: The whole idea here is to build the conspicuous enviromental sound experience on the fly accordingly to the hexagram structure, by at least taking into account its trigrams and mutant lines (if you are wondering what a mutant line is, please download the applicacion and take a look at its manual). Notes for the Zaurus PDA version:
    • Currently, supported sounds are obtained accordingly with the hexagram id from a selection of just 4 tracks specially composed for these release.
    • Those tracks are wavs (the only supported format in qtopia). Of the 1.4 Mb of the ipk package more than 90% are these tracks.
    • Moreover, we have decided to supress the stereo capability to significantly reduce the app size. If you want full stereo sound support, free 10 Mb of your RAM, and please email us. Bear in mind that these files are not available even at our public repository.
  4. Image manipulation: Similar than the one before. For a given image, The I Ching hexagram can be thought as filter for imagery mutations.