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I Ching - the Book of Changes for the KDE



Main developer: Jean Pierre Charalambos


I like to thank Richard Wilhelm for introduce us in these ancient, rich and beauty tradition. Thanks for his extraordinary work on the I Ching, we not only have a clean translation, but mainly a very keen western interpretation. Thanks to Jose Andres Martinez for all the work done on the html files for the I Ching book and to Luis Figueroa and Daniel Baracaldo for interpreting what I like for the I Ching music (while there's still work to be done). Thanks to 'ljp' for the example on document support and for a pair of UI dialogs. His nice text edit application can be obtained from: http://opie.handhelds.org. Thanks to I Ching sites: http://www.zhouyi.com/ for some images and some english tough terms. Thanks to Jeroen Wijnhout and the people of the Kile project for their assistance and for sharing with me their kde.org php file templates. Last but no least, thanks to Sharp Co., TrollTech for give me my Zaurus and the KDE team for its great work.